About the Film

The Ciesla Foundation is dedicated to producing documentaries with an uplifting social and historical message about unsung Jewish heroes. Our newest film project is Rosenwald, a documentary on the incredible story of how businessman and philanthropist Julius Rosenwald joined with African-American communities in the South to build schools for them during the early part of the 20th century. This historical partnership as well as the modern-day attempts to maintain or reconfigure the schools is a great dramatic story, yet too little-known.

Rosenwald Film Bonus: Teaching Guide

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Though Rosenwald’s story is more than 100 years old, his lasting legacy is felt today. It amazes us to see the impact his philanthropy has had on generations of Americans.

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Remembering Julius Rosenwald

  Join us as we commemorate the birthday of philanthropist and businessman Julius Rosenwald, who would have been 157 years old today. We share his story in our film, Rosenwald, which was released in 2015.           Rosenwald to be shown...

Tuskegee Visit & Rosenwald at Know Your Chicago

We are thrilled to announce that Rosenwald is included in Know Your Chicago 2019, a series designed to promote civic awareness and participation. This year, the series features events honoring the life and legacy of Julius Rosenwald. A screening...