Though Rosenwald’s story is more than 100 years old, his lasting legacy is felt today. It amazes us to see the impact his philanthropy has had on generations of Americans.

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Survey says: Eight Rosenwald Schools still standing in Pittsylvania County

  A two-year study conducted by Preservation Virginia found that out of the 126 schools that were built with money from the Rosenwald Fund, eight of them are still standing—in Pittsylvania County. You can read more information about the study and the personal accounts of two men, Gene Ferguson and James Adams, who attended one of […]

Remembering Julius Rosenwald

  Join us as we commemorate the birthday of philanthropist and businessman Julius Rosenwald, who would have been 157 years old today. We share his story in our film, Rosenwald, which was released in 2015.           Rosenwald to be shown in Oklahoma City The Ciesla Foundation is excited to announce that Rosenwald will have […]

Bill Silverstein to be awarded the Julius Rosenwald Memorial Award

At the Jewish Federation of Chicago’s Annual Meeting on Tuesday, September 17th, President Lonnie Nasatir will present Bill Silverstein with the 56th Annual Julius Rosenwald Memorial Award. This award is the Federation’s highest honor and will be awarded to Silverstein, a real estate developer, for his great philanthropic work and elevation of the Jewish community […]

Malvern Rosenwald Tuggle School Named on 2019 List of Arkansas’s Most Endangered Places

On May 1st, the Malvern Rosenwald Tuggle School was named on the 2019 List of Arkansas’s Most Endangered Places. As a result, “astonishing individuals of Malvern have embraced the opportunity to restore the school. It’s a long-term goal and effort to achieve, but the MTRO has made it their mission and purpose to restore, reconstruct […]