Oasis Center welcomes Rosenwald Film with open arms

Posted on January 23rd, 2015 by

On January 16, Director Aviva Kempner visited  Surburban hospital center Oasis, an educational program geared to senior citizens,  to showcase the work in progress of her latest film “The Rosenwald Schools.” The room was filled with smiles and excitement as members, volunteers, and staff paraded into the venue.

As the clips finished, almost no one hesitated to applaud. Hands shot up from every corner of the audience. Some had questions about filming, some about past works, and some were about general interest of the Rosenwald Schools themselves.
When the presentation was complete, members of the audience swarmed to the front of the room—some to commend the director, and some to buy DVDs of her earlier films.  All in all the staff, volunteers, and members of the Oasis were warm and welcoming.  We look forward to have such programs all over the country once the film is out.
Written by: Janelle Patillo

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