“Selected Letters of Langston Hughes” To Be Released on Feb 10th

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Prolific author and poet Langston Hughes, recipient of the Rosenwald Grant, still continues to inspire through his literary works five decades after his death. This book comprised of his letters written during the Harlem Renaissance such as and the Civil Rights movement will be released next week, February 10th for the public to see the political, cultural, and personal thoughts of the great black thinker of the 20thCentury. He wrote authors Zora Neale Hurston, Richard Wright, and his own father who is most known for opposing his career choices, just to name a few. Although it gives insight, it will also leave the reader with more questions about the mysterious writer.  Here is a quote from the book of Langston Hughes talking about Julius Rosenwald:

There is little need to say how deeply we all feel the loss of Julius Rosenwald,
friend of America and of my people. Little children all over the South looked
at his picture that week and were sad to know that he had gone. May my present
tour, which his generosity helped to bring about, produce something worthy of 
his name, for I must always remember him with personal as well as racial

To pre-order the book, go to www.amazon.com.

Photograph of Langston Hughes

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To read an article by The New York Times with more details about the book click this link below!


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