Stay at the “Rosenwald Suite Retreat”

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Welcome Inn Manor is a bed and breakfast located in a mansion on South Michigan Avenue in Chicago, across the street from the Michigan Boulevard Garden Apartments.

Among their lovely rooms is one named for the creator of that apartment block at 47th and Michigan, Julius Rosenwald. Colloquially known as “The Rosenwald,” the building was opened in 1929 and is in the process of being rehabilitated after standing vacant for decades.

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Photo credit: The Welcome Inn Manor

The Rosenwald Suite is graced by an illustration of Julius Rosenwald on the wall. Mell from Welcome Inn Manor told us that it was created and gifted by a former guest, Ian Young. It appears to have drawn its source from a 1929 image of J.R. on the White House steps, seen here:

Photo credit: The Library of Congress, National Photo Company Collection

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