Charlotte Museum Campaigns for Historic Siloam Rosenwald School

Posted on March 27th, 2017 by

The Siloam Rosenwald School of Charlotte, North Carolina could have a new home by October.

The Charlotte Museum of History has taken the initiative to restore and relocate the Siloam School. The school had been uninhabited and in a state of disrepair for 50 years. Located in University City, the Siloam School will require approximately $600,000 to restore it for educational purposes and as community gathering place.

Rosenwald Schools emerged throughout the South during the early 20th century to provide schools for African American children. “The Rosenwald Schools were built not only to be an educational resource, but also a community gathering spot,” Charlotte Museum of History President and CEO Kay Peninger said.

October marks the centennial of the Rosenwald Foundation’s incorporation. There used to be a “Rosenwald Day” during the school’s heyday. “It was typically held in March or April. I’d love to find out more about that and maybe have a Rosenwald Day in April just to kind of help with the fundraising… Wouldn’t that be cool to have the building here by 2017?” Peninger said.

The restoration, move, and installation of the school are all contingent upon how quickly funds can be raised. The GoFundMe Page can be found here.

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