Teaching Guide

The Rosenwald Teaching Guide produced by the educational nonprofit Teaching for Change is now available for download. The guide, designed for middle and high school social studies and language arts classes and suitable for college students, contains a viewing guide with mini lessons, journal prompts, and additional topics; six full lessons; bonus features by theme; a glossary; and additional resources. The lessons are classroom-ready and connect to sections of the film and bonus features.

Click here to download: Rosenwald Teaching Guide

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Table of Contents

Viewing Guide
A Community of Learners: Creating a Classroom Vision Statement
Seeking Refuge: Connecting the Dots from 1933 to Today
“Social Justice Everywhere!” Rabbi Emil Hirsch and Rosenwald’s Philanthropy
The Great Migration
Structured Academic Controversy: Freedom for Education, Education for Freedom
Meet and Greet the Rosenwald Fellows
Bonus Features for Classroom Use
Additional Resources

This guide for the Rosenwald film and bonus features is available for free use by teachers, professors, after school program directors, and anyone else who chooses to use the lessons to introduce the film and bonus features to students. It is designed for use by middle school, high school, college, and teacher education. Copies can be made for individual classroom use. Reprint requests for use beyond the classroom should be submitted to the Ciesla Foundation.

© Ciesla Foundation, 2018

The guide was produced with funding from the Righteous Persons Foundation. Teaching for Change produced the lessons for the Ciesla Foundation. The lessons are by Pete Fredlake and the design by Mykella Palmer. Editorial assistance provided by Lianna C. Bright, Thalia Ertman, Aviva Kempner, Alison Richards, and Athena Robles for the Ciesla Foundation. This educational guide is intended for use with the Rosenwald DVD. To purchase the DVD, go to rosenwaldfilm.org/rosenwald-2-dvd-set.

Rosenwald Film Bonus: Teaching Guide