Loretta Lynch Confirmed as First Black Female Attorney General

Posted on April 24th, 2015 by

Loretta Lynch was just confirmed as the first black female attorney general after a 166-day wait for the vote.  Loretta’s father, Rev. Lorenzo Lynch, says her story begins with Julius Rosenwald, who built 5,300 public schools for African American children around the country.  Loretta’s mother went to one of the Rosenwald schools.  Loretta herself was very intelligent, doing so well on a standardized test that her white teachers made her take it again.  She graduated top of her senior class from Durham High School.  But still, Lorenzo was shocked when he found out about his daughter’s nomination.  Republicans used her nomination as a “proxy fight against Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration.”  Lorenzo believes that his daughter’s legacy will be, “Don’t give up.”

To read more about Lynch’s connection to the Rosenwald schools, click here for the article from Politico, and to learn more about Julius Rosenwald, don’t forget to check out Rosenwald when it hits theaters all over America later this year.

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