The Rosenwald Schools selected by Kroll Fund for post-production grant

The Rosenwald Schools received some crucial support recently, including a generous grant from the Jules Kroll Fund for Jewish Documentary Film. The grant will go towards post-production expenses on the upcoming Ciesla Foundation film. Indiewire’s Kerensa Cadenas reports that of the 5 Kroll grants given, 3 went to projects helmed by female filmmakers, including The Rosenwald Schools which is directed by Aviva Kempner. We are extremely appreciative that the Kroll Fund chose to support our project and it’s especially fitting that Kroll would give to a film that celebrates a philanthropist who made innovations in charitable giving almost a century ago.

Interview with David Roos, developer of the new Rosenwald Apartments

Chicago Real Estate Daily published a short interview with David Roos of Landwhite Developers LLC, in which he discusses the financial plan for redeveloping the historic Rosenwald Apartments. As the project has progressed through its planning stages, the number of residential units has dwindled from 331 to just 235 (originally, the building held 421 units). The article also includes a preliminary rendering of the rehabilitated building.

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