Jack and Jill disproves of new Bravo network reality TV show

A new Bravo network reality TV show entitled “Potomac Ensemble” is set to follow the lives of four African-American women and their experiences with Jack and Jill, an elite membership organization. Established in 1938 by a group of 20 mothers, Jack and Jill aims to provide aid and leadership development to African-American children aged two to nineteen. Networkers and producers hope the show will make for a catty, sassy, reality TV show. Jack and Jill’s national board has expressed displeasure with the show. Organization leaders fear the show will shed the organization in a negative light with gossipy flare. To read more about Jack and Jill’s displeasure with “Potomac Ensemble,” click here.

Jack and Jill of America isn’t pleased with focus of ‘Potomac’ Reality Show

Rosenwald’s Connection to Dillard University DC Alumni Chapter

On Saturday, June 27th, a group of Dillard University Alum came together for food, fellowship, and most importantly fundraising in efforts to continue the legacy of “Fair Dillard”.  In the midst of reminiscing and meeting new people, fellow 2004 alum, Kellen Patterson was eager to share with President and 2008 Alum, Erica Williams information about the film, Rosenwald. As a champion of African American education, businessman and philanthropist, Julius Rosenwald contributed heavily to Dillard University. Ms. Patterson spoke about the film, and how much of an impact Rosenwald had on the African American community, especially the rural South. Each alum received a post card detailing the film’s premiere at The Avalon Theatre on Friday, August 28th. Fellow 2010 alum and Howard University History Ph.D student, Arlisha Norwood was excited to mention to Ms. Patterson that she is familiar with Julius Rosenwald and his restoration of the Ridgeley Rosenwald School, the only Rosenwald school in Prince George’s county. In honor of Rosenwalds’ contributions to Dillard University, the university named it’s administration building after him. 

To learn more about Dillard University’s history, click hereTo learn more about the Ridgeley Rosenwald School, click here.


Stories of Police Force Integration

An immensely overdue event, the integration of the New York Police Department was marked by Mr. Samuel Battle’s appointment to the New York City police force in 1911. As the first African-American officer in the department, Mr. Battle’s various accomplishments were monumental, inducing him to hire Langston Hughes, famed poet, to write his biography in 1949. Although Hughes largely dismissed Samuel Battle’s biography in pursuit of larger stories, Arthur Browne was inspired to write a book with Mr. Battle as the subject. Browne, a man of Irish descent and journalist during the 1970’s, compiled and built off of the work by Samuel Battle and Langston Hughes. Although Browne’s book is to be published long after the deaths of both Battle and Hughes, it marks the importance of continued remembrance of both the triumphs and failures of U.S. race relations. To find out more about Samuel Battle’s contributions and Arthur Browne’s literary process, click here.

Finishing What a Poet Left Undone

Morals vs. Merchandise: Companies Discontinue Confederate Flag

With just one week after the tragic shooting at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina, large companies such as Walmart, Ebay, Etsy, Google, Amazon, Kmart, and Sears have decided to no longer sell merchandise surrounding the Confederate flag. Items from T-shirts to mugs to shower curtains have all displayed the flag in some form or fashion. “The killings have renewed a focus on the Confederate flag, which had been displayed in a photograph of the accused gunman”. Much of the public nationwide have asked for the removal of the flag at the State House grounds in Columbia. “On Tuesday, as the flag continued to be held up as a symbol of hatred and slavery, South Carolina lawmakers are considering whether to have it taken down”. To read more about it in the New York Times, click here.

Rosenwald was made in loving memory of the Martyrs of the Emanuel A.M.E. Church.