Happy International Women’s Day!

the harp
Happy International Women’s Day! Today we commemorate and celebrate all the notable women in history. However today, we’d like to particularly pay homage to the sculptor Augusta Savage, most known for her spectacular sculpture “The Harp” which was wrongly demolished at the closing of the 1939’s World Fair. “The Harp” was “a 16-foot-tall plaster piece and was Savage’s last major work. It featured 12 stylized black singers representing the strings of the harp. The arm of God forms the sounding board with a young man in front kneeling and holding sheets of music.”

It is the Ciesla Foundation’s mission to rebuild Savage’s sculpture not only for the purpose of acknowledging our national heritage but also to honor Augusta Savage and her legacy. Many refer to her as a legend in the African American community as despite her endless struggle and adversity, she persevered till the end of her life with creativity and resilience.

Read more about the Ciesla Foundation’s cause:“As Confederate Statues Fall, What Should Replace Them?”by Aviva Kempner.