Help the Fairview Brown Restoration Project through Cooking

As many of you know, there are very few of the original Rosenwald schools left standing today. Now is the chance to help preserve them! In Rome, GA, The Fairview and E.S. Brown Heritage Corporation is working to restore the two eponymous schools. You can learn all about the corporation, their plan, and how you can help at

One of the ways you can help is by purchasing Classic Southern Dishes: From Our Home to Yours, a cookbook filled with recipes submitted by the family, friends, and alumni of the Fairview and E.S. Brown schools. The book includes about 300 historical recipes from the time of the Rosenwald schools. The profits of the book sales go to helping restore the schools, so you can eat well and sleep well after, knowing that you’ve done your part to help preserve Julius Rosenwald’s legacy.

Classic Southern Dishes: From Our Home to Yours